Martha Jo Atkins, PhD, LPC-S

I'm Martha Jo Atkins, Ph.D., LPC-S, a master certified coach, professional counselor and counselor supervisor.

Please call me MJ.

I love boxer dogs - well, all dogs really - and humans with a keen sense of humor.

I am often with people as they are dying. The in-between space - one foot here, one foot there - is a place I am steady.

I know how to be with someone who is saying good-bye to this life. I know how to be with a room full of people who are in the midst of a good-bye with someone they love. These experiences? Tender. Awful. Funny. Relieving. Holy. Mundane. Extraordinary. Ineffable.

I see. Patterns. Textures. The space in-between. Fear and Compassion. Acceptance. Or not.

I teach about Signposts of Dying and deathbed phenomenon - the visions, movements, and metaphorical language common in end-of-life experiences. I teach on-demand classes on death and dying. More are in the works.

I am executive director at ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying in San Antonio, Texas.

I speak about dying and meaningful living.

I have openings most Mondays for consultation/coaching by phone or Zoom. $300/60 minutes. Schedule here.

Questions? Got a story about an amazing end of life experience? cute photos of your dog? Email me:

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