Executive Assistant Needed.

I’m Dr. Martha Jo Atkins (PhD doctor, not MD doctor), a licensed professional counselor and consultant specializing in end-of-life care. I'm the executive director of Abode Contemplative Care for the Dying. I live in San Antonio, Texas with my beloved, Suzette, three dogs, two cats, and parakeet, Janis Joplin.

I help people (kids to nonagenarians) who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

I teach families and communities about the dying process, what to expect, and how to help.

I research and teach about pre-death visions and the language of the dying.

I create ritual experiences to help with transitions.

I lead a remarkable non-profit.

I raise money.

I create programs.

I lose my keys a couple times a day.

I need an in-person executive assistant, up to 20 hours a week, with room for more hours in the coming months. 

Job requirements

You are kind.

You genuinely like people.

You’ve tutored someone in math at some point in your life.

You play well with others.

You like dogs.

Your organizational skills are legendary.

Your follow through skills are as legendary as your organizational skills.

You have been called “The Spreadsheet King/Queen” or some variation thereof.

You can listen to/read about big ideas + break big ideas into chunks + turn those chunks into actionable steps + make things happen.

You can attend a meeting and have a task list ready to act on when the meeting is finished.

You are capital D-e-t-a-i-l-e-d.

Your ability to synthesize information is at ninja expert levels.

Listening is one of your superpowers.

You put excellent, grammatically sound sentences together.

Your Myers Briggs preferences show up as more I than E, more S than N, and full on T and J.

When my clients + colleagues communicate with you, they will be pleased as punch.

When I talk about dying, pre-death visions, mushroom burial suits, or shamanic rituals, you won’t wig out.

You have life experience that has deepened you as a human being.

You aren’t afraid to ask for help when something is out of your zone of genius.

A little bit of chaos is challenging rather than threatening.  

You roll with changes.

You can work in-person with me, 10-20 hours a week, at my office in San Antonio.

You are adept at using Excel, PowerPoint, YouTube, Dropbox, Acuity, Facebook, Squarespace, iPhones, Macs, Slack, Basecamp.

Hours + Pay: Up to 20 hours a week @ $18 for test drive weeks (2 - 4). With your successful test drive, up to 20 hours a week @ $20/hr. 

Send your resume + letter of interest to Martha@marthaatkins.com. Write “Executive Assistant App” in the subject line.

Deadline for applications: Wednesday, August 16th, 5pm Central Time.  

All candidates invited to interview will receive a phone call by Noon, Central Time on Friday, August 18.

If you don’t receive a call by then, there are other opportunities awaiting you in this great big world.

Many thanks. 

Martha Atkins